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Say Bella Flossie Necklace

Flossie Necklace

Say bella Zarah Bracelet

Zarah Bracelet

Say Bella Kyabram Earrings

Kyabram Earrings

Say bella Carys Earrings

Carys Earrings

Say bella Evelyn Hair veil

Evelyn Hair Veil

Say bella Chelsea Necklace

Chelsea Necklace

Say Bella Vivian Tiara

Vivian Tiara

Say bella Dylan Bangle

Dylan Bangle

Say bella Pink Earrings

Pink Earrings

Say bella Pauline Hair comb

Pauline Hair comb

Say bella Ginny Necklace

Ginny Necklace

Say Bella Cherry Hair comb

Cherry Hair comb

Say bella Liberty Bracelet

Liberty Bracelet

Say bella Beyonce Earrings

Beyonce Earrings

Say bella Juliana Hair comb

Juliana Hair comb

HANDY HINT: Spraying your Jewellery with Hairspray or Purfume DULLS your Swarvoski's crystals and Diamonties.
To maximise your sparkles on your special day, cover your Jewellery when spraying.

Say bella